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External and internal audit

Our services in internal audit The establishment of an internal audit department in the facility is a long investment…

Financial consulting

We at Turki Al-Aqla office are keen to provide our clients with efficient advisory services and recommendations…

Zakat services and taxes

Preparing and processing the zakat and tax returns and the statements attached to it, determining the zakat and tax due on the customer, in addition to…

Judicial services

They are special reports submitted to judicial authorities based on a mandate issued by that authority, and we as an expert…

Special reports

They are special reports related to the provision of our services in proving the amounts of deficit and embezzlement, and it is a service provided to the client…

Feasibility studies

We adopted accuracy when we prepared economic feasibility studies through: Supervising the preparation of market studies

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Adherence to the teachings of our true religion

Honesty and integrity

Good behavior

Compliance with accounting and auditing standards

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Take full care of the customer’s interest in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fees equivalent to the amount of work

All stipulated by the rules and ethics of the profession

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